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Duo Piano J. S. Bach - Concert c moll J. S. Bach - Concert d moll J. S. Bach - Concert C dur W. A. Mozart - Sonata D dur KV 448 J. Brahms – "Variations on Theme by Haydn" C. Saint-Saëns - Variations on Theme by Beethoven M. Ravel – "Valse" C. Debussy - "Blach and White" C. Debussy - Petite Suite F. Poulenc - Capriccio M. Infante - "Musique d’Espagne" D. Milhaud - Suite "Scaramouche" A. Davidov - "Ragi and Raghavi" S. Rahmaninov - I-st and II-nd Suite for duo piano S. Rahmaninov - Prelude cis moll At. Atanasov - Suite "Windmill" Y. Dimitrov - "Freak" Y. Dimitrov - "Rivals" I. Krushev -...
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