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Piano lessons Piano lessons
Fanny Koutzarova’s interests in music pedagogy started with her piano methods education at the Bulgarian Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov". As a teacher she has been working actively since 1993. In 1995 she founded the Art and Languages "New School". The list of the school’s activities by that time included: - A series of ten concerts "Bulgarian Piano Magic", presenting music for children composed by Parashkev Hadjiev, Alexander Raychev, Pancho Vladigerov, Vasil Kazandjiev, Victor Chuchkov, Atanas Atanasov - A Christmas concert - exhibition in the Town Art Gallery – a performance of children’ pictures...
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The new page is online. You can read much about the instrument piano, teaching methods, composers, Bulgarian and worldwide pianists, piano stile and other information connected with the piano art. I hope that everyone could find something interesting.
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The New Piano School 2012/2013 Year
The autmn is here again and the new school year too. School activities are not always sufficient for the harmonious development of our children. In the piano lessons we playing, sing and have fun, but the benefits are developed music hearing, memory, coordination, concentration - always necessary qualities. I wish all the students many new skills, stage performances and pleasant hours of practicing the piano!
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Christmas Children Concert
On the 8th of December at 11 am Christmas Concert will be held in the Union of Architects Hall. Fanny Koutzarova's students are goindg to perform different pieces from the piano literature. You are welcome to support the young pianists in their presentation before the beautiful Christmas and New Year Holidays.
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One Piano - Four Hands
On the 28th of October in the Union of Architects Hall Fanny Koutzarova students are going to present their first for the season 2012/2013 concert "One Piano - Four Hands".  Such children show is organised for the first time - four hands piano pieces performed by children and their teacher. Chamber music is a highest form of music making and the unique is that the programme consist of chamber works - most of them premiere for the country. You are welcome on the 28th of October /Sunday/ at 11.00 a.m. to support the young pianists.
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New Trio Piano, Cello and Clarinet
New chamber music formation was founded in September - Trio Fanny Koutzarova /piano/, Valentina Velkova /cello/ and Venci Trifonov /clarinet/. The Trio's first performance was quite extravagant in "The Barn" on the 9th of October. The concert "Tango on Candlelight" presented an exciting program with Astor Piazzolla's pieces and the Argentine Tango.  
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Video Piece from the concert "One Piano - Four Hands"
Vicky /5 years old/ and Niya /9 years old/ play "Popcorn"
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Ivona Drenska Marry Christmas and Happy 2013 Year!
My dear students, parents entrust me the musical and piano education of their children, my future students and friends, I wish you Marry Christmas and Happy 2013 Year! Let the most magical time of the year bring us health, luck and light in our souls! Let the piano lessons and our meetings bring us beautiful music and inspiration for future success! Thank you for the vote of confidence and hope to have many successful future events!  
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